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gee it's not collusion when Donald's doing it with chris Christie or Ben Carson or Mike Huckabee it's only collusion when Ted Cruz's in on it you know this is this this is consistent with Donald Trump he is clearly the biggest whiner in America he is a wonder whiner and I mean look at look at Missouri in Missouri he got 382 thousand votes and he got 37 delegates Ted Cruz got three hundred and eighty thousand votes and got 15 delegates and you didn't hear Ted Cruz complaining or whining about it Ted Cruz moved on and kept spreading his conservative vision across America to win other races including by the way winning the the hunt for delegates which we're doing very well at on a one-on-one basis because we're a grassroots campaign built on the inspiration of Ted's vision and crews in Kasich have never really attacked each other at least not that I've seen some of the other candidates do and there could probably be a million explanations as to why but it doesn't seem as though there's been some long-term it to me anyway an outsider doesn't seem as though there's been this long term planning between the two campaigns to strike the steel as we're going into the home stretch it just seemed as though it looks like a deal made of convenience you know there hasn't been a lot of attacking of Governor Kasich he's really been in the back of the pack here for a long time he has however expanded Obamacare he has brought forward tax increases be there major policy differences that as Republicans learn them they move to senator Cruz but the fireworks as you all in the media might think of it have primarily flown between senator Cruz and Donald Trump and with Donald Trump it's overwhelmingly just personal attacks that more of the whining etc whereas we're pushing again that it's been 46 days since Donald Trump's been willing to debate Ted Cruz wins own substance he talks about substance he lays out a vision based on conservative principles that are inspiring people not just original Cruz supporters but Bush supporters Rubio supporters Carly Fiorina supporters Perry supporters and yeah including Carson and Christie supporters who we're bringing together so when you think about unifying the Republican Party and the conservative coalition Ted Cruz isn't just talking about it he's doing it